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00025 Environmental indicators in Israel
  State of Israel. Ministry of the Environment, 2001
  R 19.02.09 STA
  Environmental indicators, Rivers, Air pollution, Global warming, Land use, Open space, Hazardous substances, Transportation, Waste waters, Solid wastes, Environmental legislation, Israel, Mediterranean
00026 Course on international marine environmental law 2001: background notes on the OPRC 90 Convention
  UNEP. Mediterranean Action Plan. Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean Sea (REMPEC), International Maritime Organization (IMO), 2001
  RAC Reports (REMPEC)
  Accidental pollution, Accidents, Emergencies, Contigencies, Action plans, Oil spills, Hazardous substances, Protocols, Chemical spills, Mediterranean
00027 Alternatives for preventing pollution in the surface treatment industry
  UNEP. Mediterranean Action Plan. Regional Activity Centre for Cleaner Production (RAC/CP), 2000
  RAC Reports (CP)
  Cleaner production, Surface treatment industry, Hazardous substances
00028 Provisions concerning the reporting of incidents involving harmful substances under MARPOL 73/78
  International Maritime Organization (IMO), 1999
  MARPOL, Pollution sources, Shipping, Maritime transport, Maritime law, IMO Conventions, Reporting systems, Hazardous substances, Oil pollution
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00029 The environment in Israel 1998
  Gabbay, Shoshana, State of Israel. Ministry of the Environment, 1998
  R 19.02.09 STA
  Environmental indicators, Geography, Water, Climate, Wastewater treatment, Lake Kinneret, Industrial pollution, Legal framework, Peace, Air quality, Air pollution, Sulphur dioxide, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon emissions, Nitrogen oxide, Greenhouse gases, Solid wastes, Hiriya, Duda'im, Landfills, Recycling, Gulf of Eilat, Oil pollution, Oil spills, Dumping, Land based sources of pollution (LBS), Litter, Pollution monitoring, Heavy metals, Atmospheric inputs, Particles, Hazardous substances, Hazardous wastes, Radioactive substances, Agriculture, Fertilizers, Pesticide industry, Noise, Biodiversity, Wetlands, Coastal area management, Environmental policy, Environmental management, International agreements, Research, Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP), Sustainable development, Compliance, Nongovernmental organisations (NGOs), Environmental legislation, Israel, Mediterranean
00030 MARPOL 73/78: 1994 and 1995 Amendments
  International Maritime Organization (IMO), 1996
  MARPOL, Pollution sources, Shipping, Maritime transport, Maritime law, IMO Conventions, Maritime safety, Fire hazards, Port State Control, Waste management, Tankers, Noxious substances, Hazardous substances, Oil pollution
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00031 International Convention on Liability and Compensation for Damage in Connection with the Carriage of Hazardous and Noxious Substances. London, 1996 [HNS Convention]
  International Maritime Organization (IMO), 1996
  IMO Conventions
  Pollution sources, Hazardous substances, Noxious substances, Environmental legislation, Legal instruments, Conventions, Maritime law, IMO Conventions
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00032 Protocol on the Prevention of Pollution of the Mediterranean Sea by Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal [Hazardous Wastes Protocol] 1996
  UNEP. Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP), 1996
  MAP Special Publications
  Barcelona Convention, Protocols, Hazardous wastes, Hazardous substances, Legal instruments, Mediterranean
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